Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Nurture kinship. A term I can finally use to describe my family life. For those that know my family life, it involves a mixture of some related and unrelated human beings (which include 3 sets of parents and 13 siblings). Family getaways can become more stressful than our actual daily lives.

But the farm is the exception.

I extracted myself from the city for the Labor day weekend, and ventured on out to Homer City, PA. You may think that you have been to the country, but you haven't unless you have been to Homer City. You don't know country until you have seen a horse and buggy crossing (yes, you read that correctly). I ate my weight in fresh and homegrown ingridients, I filled my lungs with sweet summer air, I spent more time on our front porch than an actual bed, and set my feet free under the fresh cut grass.
I felt home. And it wasn't just because my country girl soul was back in its natural habitat, but it was because of the people I call family. Sure we may not all be blood related, but my family in PA have made me feel a part of something that I don't think I have ever felt before. Our nuture kinship was rooted from a family love and bond that I will always be grateful for.

A bonus for the farm getaway? I FINALLY met my long lost Aquarian twin, Jessica, whom I discovered through the magical world of Tumblr. Sure I may bash on technology every now and then, but when a social media site leads you to a beautiful soul like Jess, you make an exception. She is the vintage queen, and everyone needs to buy a piece or 2 from her etsy shop- and add a gorg crystal wrapped necklace to complete your life.

Possibly thinking of returning to school, being near family, and becoming a hippie. Idk. I just want it all.