Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bad Self Portraits

1. Student life has killed my social life, but it has given me more time to take pictures (of myself) and fart around with my guitar.
2. I promised myself that in the year 2015 I would try to be more open when it comes to expressing my emotions to others...its a SLOW process with not much results. But, hey, its only April!
3.Leaving for the Dominican Republic in 81 days. Need to brush up on my history and trivia!
4. Since joining Weight Watchers, I have lost 12.3 pounds and I feel amazing. Seriously, I have always been a heavy kid since junior high and I love the fact that I can face myself in the mirror. Its boosted my self confidence, and thus boosted my dating life ;-)
5. The title of this post came from my new favorite band Lake Street Dive
6. Houston is beginning to grow on me, especially since I found this place
7. Having a serious debate with myself about whether I should dye my hair blonde, or stay natural and donate my hair once it is long enough. Thoughts?
8. My next dream trip is to take a long road trip to visit family in New Mexico and to stop in Marfa, TX along the way. This WILL be happening by the end of the year.

Can't wait to start doing photo shoots again so that this blog isn't just a life update portal. Until next time!