Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Deep In The Heart of Texas

 Wanderlust. It means to have a strong desire to travel. This is my favorite word in the English dictionary. It is a beautiful noun that can send endorphins from my fingertips, to my toes, and to the ends of my hair. When I sense any travel plans, I get this feeling. With the past three and a half months, a trip to ANYWHERE was much needed. I took my gal pals from Free People to escape our hustle and bustle lives to the beautiful city of Austin, TX. We planned a mini photo shoot, stayed at Peaceful Haven (the raddest place to stay in Austin), and trecked the city for great venues and food trucks. The result of this trip was spectacular for all of us. Leaving Austin always gives us the blues, but it also gives us the strive to pack up our things and get our asses to Austin, permanently. Check out Hayley's page to see other pics we took for our Free People photo shoot too!

Cheers, y'all <3

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