Sunday, February 16, 2014

Five Hundred Miles

 500 miles. That is the distance between my homes in Texas and Louisiana. Since the age of two, I have been traveling between my broken homes. To be honest, I feel like an automobile has been more of a home to me than anything else. This past Saturday at 8am, I took the well known journey back to New Iberia, LA. I have had a lot to think about for the upcoming months, and the drive was a much needed therapeutic session. I made a pretty solid playlist, ordered a giant iced soy chai tea latte, and sang at the top of my lungs for four hours straight. I felt some hefty weight lifted just by the sight of the Louisiana sign and the smell of bayou water. I'm feeling pretty good about some life decisions I am making, AND to top it off, I had the pleasure to record a cover song with my sister-in-law! The song is pretty spot on for my life at the moment, and I felt so blessed she decided to help me. Click here to treat your ears <3

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