Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Swamp Hippy Witch Bash

It has been a whirlwind of a week filled with numerous reunions, 30 hours in my Mazda (which I have renamed Felicia- because of her bodacious black hatchback), and 96 hours in the glorious city of New Orleans, LA. The first 24 hours consisted of picking up my favorite witch bitches from the airport, "wine-ing" down with white wine spritzers and completing our super Aquarian moon rituals.

I am going to skip over the arrival into New Orleans since I had to circle our hotel 11 times in order to find appropriate parking. First night was the best night- we really set the bar high. The swampy and humid city provided us with Fried Green Tomatoes, Duke's Sweet Tea, karaoke, and an improptu appearance of your's truly on a mechanical bull. Let's just say my birthday hangover lasted the following 48 hours. I will also admit that I twerked all the way from Bourbon St. to Magazine St. like a champ.

Once we were able to crawl out of our beds on the glorious Saturday morning  afternoon, we prowled down to our favorite witchy stores. First stops were obvioulsy Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo and Voodoo Authentica. Marie Laveau has some pretty amazing tshirt selections and some super cheap incense bundle deals (36 sticks for $5), and Voodoo Authentica has some of my favorite ritual candles along with some beautiful altars.

P.S. The gals and I went to my favorite restaurant Atchafalaya to partake in the Bloody Mary buffett, live music, delicious food, and really cute bartenders. I highly encourage any and every Nola visitors to stop by. (And if you are an AHS: Coven fan, this was the same place where Fiona and Madison had their pre- Supreme witch bitch brunch)

Next stop: St.Louis Cemetary. Not much to say about this magical place because the pictures that we all took really say 1000 words. We didn't really speak that much once we were in the cemetary because it is so much to take in. You can feel the history, the sorrow, and the eerie beauty. It was also kind of picture perfect that the Louisiana fog was thick as soup on the day we took our mournful adventure.

To conclude my trip, I always end it with sad notions of not living in my favorite city. I want to live in a Nola fairy tale apartment, listening to late night jazz and cajun music, and learning to speak French on my amazing balcony while smoking black cigarettes (and I can add a cute bartender musician boyfriend frying pickles in the background too - might as well.) I know I will be back in a permanent state one day, but until then I will be visiting 4-5 times a year, and have a constant tab open for jobs and apartments.




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