Friday, August 8, 2014

Hypnotize With Her Mojo Hair

FACT: I have been to 30+ Grace Potter and The Nocturnals show
FACT: 3 of those shows were in a 24hr span.
FACT: I gave myself (bad) fringe bangs after seeing her concert for the first time
FACT: I am ready for 30+ shows, hopping on buses and trains and planes, and....... I'll leave the fringe bangs to her.

I had to dig very deep into my camera roll vault to find the pics above. I have about 608 photos that are both blurry and magical, but these were my top due to the fact that Grace Potter either jumped off the stage to give me a hug, or threw me a handful of guitar pics that I now keep treasured onto my very own guitars.

With the high anticpation of their newest record being recorded as we speak, I thought it best to travel down memory lane and remember why I love these guys so much. The main thing that drew me in was the music, obvi. I shamelessly discovered this band thanks to the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack and MySpace. Once I turned 18, I trecked on down to good ole New Orleans to see them at the House of Blues. From then on, I was more or less addicted to the music, their performances (which is a religious experience. If you haven't been to one of their shows, please let me know so that I can take you. I'm SERIOUS.), their style (both musically and fashionably. These guys are HAWT), and to the high you get from sharing a musical experience with friends and strangers.

I am frequently asked from both friends/family and newer fans: "What do I listen to first?'
Oh boy. The toughest question.
I wanted to start giving the right answer instead of the normal "Start from the beginning and work your way down" answer. So, I sat myself down, researched their entire discography, read personal interviews and reviews, and even watched live footage I had taken from the 6 years of concert experiences. And what a shocker: I couldn't pick just one. Honestly, you start with what you feel. Personally, my go-to albums for whenever I am happy, sad, wanting inspiration, crying from a breakup, or just enjoying life are their self-titled album Grace Potter and The Nocturnals and their Live at the Fillmore album. (Fun fact: After a few beers one night, a friend and I shamelessly recited the entire LAF album that included all of the speeches that Grace gave throughout the performance. Proud moment.) But if you are going on a road trip, start with their first album Nothing But The Water or her latest album The Lion The Beast The Beat . If kitchy songwriting and southern rock roots is more your style, listen to This Is Somewhere. All in all, you can't go wrong. But definitely listen to their lyrics and see a live performance before you die. Put it on your bucket list NOW. BONUS: if you tweet GP your dream setlist, then there is a good chance they will put your fave songs onto the setlist! (5 out of the 6 times I requested have been played).

To end this post, I will leave a simple quote that GP told me the first time I met her, "Write what you feel. Feel what you write. Love and Light."

Love and Light,

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