Sunday, August 3, 2014

We're All In A Dance

Life is a dance we all have to do.  I reached a breaking point with the work tango I was doing for the past 9 days straight. So, I took my bestest gal pal, Hayley, and ventured to our favorite city of Austin, TX (this was our 3rd trek in the past 4 months. To say we are obsessed is an understatement.) Although this was a shorter trip, we made the most of it. We ate whatever we wanted, made no plans, and alughed until we cried. Today, we spent our Sunday Funday exploring art and music.The Graffiti Park was such an inspirational spot filled with art on top of art on top of art. It is a hidden spot that gives the artistic community freedom to express themselves. Then, we went to Friends of Sound and found a Stevie Nicks poster, and cheap Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, and The Beatles records- which,if you know me well, was the perfect ending to our trip. 

Until next time, Austin.


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