Monday, June 29, 2015

Southern Charm

When it comes to fight or flight, I've always been more suited for flight. Feeling anxious? Drive away. Bored? Take a mini road trip. Find out my summer plans of interning has changed? Flee the scene of the crime and head to New Orleans.

That's what I love about my home. I can always come back. Although Louisiana is constantly changing, my feelings never do. My impromptu voyage led me to reaching out to some local friends and getting lost in the city. A childhood friend, Madi, showed me around her favorite spots which included The Orange Couch, The Spotted CatEuclid Records, and Oxalis (which has amazing Bloody Marys and Rosemary tonics). Every time I visit Nola, I always find new discoveries, meet new people, and leave as a different person. A little piece of my heart is always left behind, and I am counting the days till I graduate so that I can pack my bags and make Nola my permanent home.

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